Twenty acres of the Jefferson Meadows development was purchased from Charlie Ruma, the Jefferson Village developer, in 1996, and rezoned for a 40-unit, free standing condominium development.  The first five units were built by William Fannin Builders in 1997.  The Truberrry Group became the prime developer in 2000 and built six units at the north end of the development in 2001.  Over the next three years, seven more units were built by the Truberry Group.  In April 2005, Romanelli & Hughes (“R&H”) became the prime developer and committed to making several capital improvements within the development as well as completing the remaining units.  The capital improvements included:

  • $35,000 in landscaping, primarily 95 trees;
  • Sharing the cost of resurfacing the roads with the Association; and
  • Sharing the cost of mechanized gates at both entrances with the Association.

Until January 2004, the Jefferson Village Condominium Association (“JVCA” or “Association”) was governed and administered by the developer.  In January 2004, based on the Bylaws, the Unit Owners of the Association elected six fellow Unit Owners to form the JVCA Board of Directors. Since 2004, the Board has met monthly or bi-monthly, and has overseen all maintenance and financial matters, as well as being involved in approving new unit floor plans and landscaping.  Once R&H became the owners of the undeveloped unit sites, the Board retained legal representation for JVCA to work with the previous developers and R&H to reasonably protect Unit Owners and assure a smooth partnership with R&H.  The final two units were built in 2008.